5 ways to make money online from home

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Just because you can work from home means you have either hard skills or soft skills.

Hard skill refers to a skill that can be applied to a specific task and can be accurately assessed. This usually includes technical skills. Such as proficiency in digital marketing, being able to do motion graphics, or writing a programming language.

Soft skills are skills that relate to your personality and cannot be measured or evaluated in a specific way. Such as the ability to handle extreme stress, team management, project supervision.

The funny thing is that we all have some kind of skill that we can use to start earning income online. For example, you can write very well on Facebook, a lot of people like and comment on your writing. You can start earning money from freelance marketplaces by doing this writing. I assume you don’t have a hand in writing, but you watch a lot of movies or keep abreast of the entertainment business.

I would say you start making videos on YouTube. There are many people watching this video on how much money Shah Rukh Khan donated to this corona, and you can make this video beautifully without copyright and earn it from YouTube.


What are the ways to earn income online?

Just as many of us are involved in many professions offline, so is the online marketplace. Considering the real field of work, we have now become one through both online and offline. Just like a graphic designer who works for an organization offline, he can also do the same kind of work online in the freelance marketplace.

Even before we hired an AC repair mechanic or truck we had to research the offline media. But now we are able to order this kind of service through the online app. This means that if we can do a job, the field of work is both offline and online. So let’s take a look at what other online sources of income can be made.

1. Earnings from Freelancing:

There are two ways you can work on a freelancing platform. Upwork, Freelancer platform, you need to get the job by looking at the client’s project and bid, and on sites like Fiverr and People Per Hour, you can look at the project and bid, as well as set the price of your services. If any client likes your service, they will send you a message or order directly.

If the order is well delivered on time, the client will close the order as complete with a review of your service. Within 15 days of closing the work, you can transfer the money of your work completed to the account in the world through PayPal or other payment methods.

Freelancing can start with:


– Any hard or soft skills like graphic design, animation, website development, virtual assistance, team management

– Professional completed profiles in marketplaces

– Bidding in accordance with the guidelines of marketplaces, or enlisting services

– Payoneer or another account for receiving payment.


2.Earnings from YouTube

YouTube currently has 2 billion or 200 core monthly active users. These 200 core active users watch YouTube videos on an average of 11 minutes and 24 seconds every day. And these videos are viewed by the users according to the suggestion of YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.

I mean, I started watching a video on YouTube, and then I started watching another video from the suggested video below that video. This means that if you can create quality videos for YouTube with any topic, then YouTube’s algorithm will deliver your video to the target audience of that video.

You don’t have to take any extra hassle except making quality videos.


And the income will come from YouTube through Google Adsense. Once your YouTube account is selected for the Google AdSense Partner Program, Google will start displaying ads as banners in certain places, next to the video, below the video. Much like showing Ed on TV. The more the audience of your YouTube channel interacts with these ads, the more you will earn from AdSense.

Earnings from YouTube videos that can be started with:

  • – Finding unique topics by the target audience
  • – Experience creating video records, editing footage, or creating motion graphics
  • – Understand the YouTube Community Guidelines, publish video content in compliance
  • – Basic idea about Google AdSense Partnership Program
  • – AdSense Partnership Approval (after 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time)


3. Earnings from blog sites

If you can’t make videos but you can write a lot, then you can make a blog site and earn money from it. However, writing about any topic is not the only thing that will keep coming. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The more users you have, the more Google will value you. And Google giving you importance means that when someone searches for your topic from Google search engine with related keywords, the link of your blog site will appear on the first page of Google search results.

And you can generate income from the time your blog site gets approval for the Google AdSense program. Once approved, your audience will occasionally see ads on your blog page, or in the sidebar next to the site, depending on the placement of the Google AdSense code on the blog site. And just like YouTube, depending on the impressions and clicks, it will start accumulating in your AdSense.

Blog sites that can be started with:

  • – Experience creating basic website sites with WordPress
  • – Experience writing SEO friendly content by doing keyword research
  • – Basic graphics design and video editing experience for publishing images and videos related to the blog
  • – Rapid distribution of the published content to the target audience through digital marketing


4. Earnings from website subscriptions

Suppose you are a good cook. You are also maintaining a YouTube channel about your cooking. Already fan followers are being created from these videos on Facebook or YouTube. Now you can start earning from some of your premium cooking recipe content by ‘membership subscription’. That means you have to pay your audience to see the premium cooking recipe content on your site.

If 1000 people see a recipe with 50 rupees in 1 month, then you earn 50 thousand rupees only from a premium recipe content!


Now think about it, if you publish more than 50 premium recipe content on your recipe site in 1 year, then how much money can you earn per month? With this subscription, you can charge for showing a specific blog or website page as well as arrange for members to subscribe to your daily, weekly, or monthly model if they wish.

Membership subscription sites that can be started with:

  • – Experience creating basic website sites with WordPress
  • – Experience in publishing premium and unique content
  • – Experience installing Subscription Basis Membership Plugin
  • – Experience setting up payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, or local payment gateways SSL Commerce


5. Earnings from the mobile app

If you have the skills to develop apps, you can also make income by creating apps for Android or iPhone. It is possible to generate good income by making a calculator or lifestyle app starting from a productivity app.

Anything you can start with app development:

  • – Experience developing Android or iOS apps
  • – Developer account in Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • – Experience with Google AdMob or iAd framework for payment setup

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