email marketing software for small businesses

Best email marketing software for small businesses

Best email marketing software for small businesses

Email Marketing is very Important For any Kind Of Business. Email marketing helps Small Business Owners and Affiliate Marketers to get Quality Leads. Why Do You Use Email Marketing For Your Small Business? This is because a Simple Email Automation Boosts Your Sales and Leads.

Email Marketing Automation Gives you a High Converting Landing Page to Capture High Quality Leads.

So An Email Automation System Is very Important for Your Business. Which Email Automation System is Good For Your Business Needs? Here we are Helping You Choose the Best Email Marketing Software For  Small Business

Here we list the Top 5 Email Automation in the Market. Choose one of the email marketing tools for your business. We Talk about Pros and Cons of each Product.


What Is Email Marketing And Automation?

Email Marketing Is The Best Way To Reach out to Your Customer or Reader through Their Email Inbox. With email marketing you can give daily updates to your readers and customers by sending emails.


What is the Benefit Of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is very important for any kind of website owner. If you have an ecommerce website or your small business website you should use an email marketing Tools. This is because an email automation system increases your Website Traffic and sales.

If you want to build a strong connection to your Readers or Customers, here is the email marketing that will help you.


How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software?

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Provider is a very Difficult Task. Because a lot of providers become popular but they don’t fulfill your requirements. A popular company doesn’t mean they are a good provider. So before you choose an Email Marketing Provider, follow these tips.

Easy to use: It’s Very important, Your Email Provider should be easy to use and Suitable for your business.

Automation: Almost all providers have an Automation System. But they have different types of automation systems. So choose one which you will be familiar with.

Pricing: This Is the Most Important for You. Because Lot of website Owners or Small business Owners Don’t Have Lot of Budget. So choose the best Tools Under your Budget.


Top 3 Email Marketing Tools For Small Business Owners

1: GetResponse: Best Email Marketing Tools For Every Marketer (All in One Solutions)

2: ConvertKit: Best Email Tools For Publishers

3: Constant Contact: Best email Service Provider for Business Owners.


GetResponse Is the Best Email Marketing Software for Any Small Business or Website Owner. GetResponse is an all in one Solutions for Email marketing. You can create a high Quality Landing Page with Getrespose.

Their Email Automation System is just Wow. Your All sent emails will be sent directly to your Customer Inbox folder.

Pricing And Plans:

Basic: $15/month
Plus: $49/month
Professional: $99/month
Enterprise: $1199/month


Here is another Good Email Marketing Company. ConvertKit Is the Best Email Marketing Solution for Website Owners and Publishers. But If you have a Business website you can also use ConvertKit.

Pricing And Plans:

$29/month – For 0 – 1000 subscribers with all features.
$49/month – For 1000 – 3000 subscribers with all features.
$79/month – For 3000 – 5000 subscribers with all features.

Constant Contact:

This Is the Best Email Marketing Tool for Small Business Owners. Constant Contact has a lot of Premade Customizable Email templates for Small Business Owners. Constant Contact Gives You Live Support 24/7.

Pricing and Plans:

  • $5/month – Limited functionalities
    $20/month – 0 – 500 subscribers.
    $45/month – 501 – 2500 subscribers.
    $65/month – 2501 – 5000 subscribers.
    $95/month – 5001 – 10,000 subscribers.

Here is the Top Performing Email Marketing Software for Small Business Owners.In this article I am talking and Pros and Cons about the best email marketing software in the market. Choose your email automation tools as per your business needs.

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